Free CIB-UNEP Webinar: "RESOURCE EFFICIENCY IN CITIES" - 03 October 2012


The RECORDINGS of the Presentations given in this Webinar can be accessed below

Chrisna du Plessis
, University of Pretoria, South Africa - Associate Professor / Coordinator CIB priority theme Sustainable Construction
Introduction: Resource efficient cities - What are we talking about? (2:47)

Arab Hoballah,
UNEP - Chief Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch
Resource Efficient Cities - Drivers of Change & Engines to Sustainability (14:24)
Pekka Lahti, VTT, Finland - Principal Research Scientist
Understanding Ecosystems: Enabling an Eco-efficient Urban Future? (20:49)
Camaren Peter
, Stellenbosch University, South Africa - Sustainability Research Consultant and Extraordinary Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Leadership
Sustainable, Resource-Efficient Cities in the Global South: More than Just a Technological Challenge (14:25)