The CIB W116 Student Forum together with the CIB Secretariat organised a series of 4 Webinars each of which focussed on a different aspect of Measuring Urban Sustainability.

Each of the webinars includes: a brief CIB introduction, a keynote presentation by a senior expert, three student presentations, with after each presentation a brief expert discusssion and an open Q&A session.


· Wim Bakens: CIB in General (04:31)

· Andy van den Dobbelsteen: CIB Commission W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environments (04:00)

· Chrisna du Plessis: CIB priority theme: Sustainable Construction (14:59)

· Francis Wong: Coordination of CIB Student Chapters - by Region (8:45)


Webinar 1: Measuring Urban Sustainability - Climate – 28 November 2012

· Jean-Luc Salagnac, CSTB: Keynote Webinar 1 (15:53)

Student Presentations:

· Jaco Slingerland, Delft University of Technology: Measuring the mitigation of the urban heat island effect by using water and vegetation (10:02)

· Yuqiao Liu and Yi Shan, University of Wageningen: Greening building blocks to mitigate heat (11:25)

· Peter van Veelen, Delft University of Technology: Local adaptation as a future floodrisk strategy for Rotterdam (14:12)

Webinar 2: Measuring Urban Sustainability - Energy – 05 December 2012

. Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Delft University of Technology, Introduction to Keynote: Personal Statistics (07:55)

· Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Delft University of Technology: Keynote Webinar 2 (06:52)

Student Presentations:

· Umberto Berardi, Politecnico di Bari, Italy Measuring energy sustainability: approaches, limits and trends (21:15)

· Ilektra Kouloumpi, Utrecht University: Measuring energy sustainability of urban communities: a comparison analysis of four sustainability assessment tools for uban areas (17:02)

· Nico Tillie, Delft University of Technology: Fossil Free Livable Cities (13:03)

Webinar 3: Measuring Urban Sustainability - Resources – 12 December 2012

· Peter Luscuere, Delft University of Technology: Keynote Webinar 3 (11 :20)

Student Presentations:

· Mia Wimala Soejoso, Hiroshima University: Fuels consumed in precast concrete production ( : )

· Marleen Lodder, Erasmus University: Beneficial Urban Development (13 :00)

Webinar 4: Measuring Urban Sustainability – Urban assessment models – 19 December 2012

· Pekka Lahti, VTT, Keynote Webinar 4 by Wim Bakens (13:00 )

Student Presentations:

· Nico Tillie, Delft University of Technology: Linking urban assessment and local policy making (12 :26)

· PhD study of Flávio Januário José, University Sao Paulo by Marcella Ruschi Mendes Saade: Guidelines to establish urban eco villages (07:52)

· Pirouz Nourian, Delft University of Technology: Walk ability assessment model (11:44)


· Webinar 2Energy (01: 42:06)

· Webinar 4Urban assessment models (01:23:05 )