Best Value in the Netherlands

The Best Value approach is a procurement and risk management approach that focuses on gaining high value for the lowest costs (Kashiwagi, 2014). In the Best Value approach the client minimizes direction and releases control over the vendor, since the vendor is the expert. This system also focuses on making the vendor accountable for the project, due to the owner minimizing direction and decision making on the project. In recent years Best Value (BV) has gained popularity in the Netherlands.
From 2006 to 2013 the Best Value approach has been applied over 200 times, with a budget spend over €2B. In this Webinar the application of Best Value in the Netherlands is covered.

TOPIC 1 An introduction to Best Value in the Netherlands TOPIC 2 Lessons learned at the Ministry of Transport

Jeroen van de Rijt

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Jeroen van de Rijt

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