The Best Value Approach in the USA

Creators of the Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS) and Performance Information Risk Management System (PIRMS); this combination of pre-award and post-award functions makes this approach unlike any other. It increases efficiency and performance, while minimizing risk. Unlike the traditional price-based model which requires more management, increases risk, and decreases value.
The webinar highlights the innovative best value approach coming from a 20 year study from Arizona State University that has proven results (1600+ projects, $5.7Billion, 98% client satisfcation). Results also show a 10% to 30% cost savings for the client by using Best Value.

TOPIC 1 Best Value Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS) TOPIC 2 Making the Change

Sylvia Romero, PBSRG

Your convenor

Sylvia Romero, PBSRG

  • Arizona State University
  • USA

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