Low Income Housing in Indonesia: Examples of New Concepts

This CIB Innovation Webinar takes place under the responsibility of CIB Commission W110 - Informal Settlement and Affordable Housing.
The presentations in the webinar cover the following new concepts: low income housing for the fishermen, low income housing for kampung dwellers in the inner city areas, and low income flats for squatter dwellers.

TOPIC 1 Healthy and Liveable Housing for Fishermen at the Eastern Coast of Surabaya TOPIC 2 The Re-planning of Final Waste Disposal Area into a Public Park and a Low Income Flat
TOPIC 3 Low Income Community Architecture for Sustaining the Urban Architecture Uniqueness

Prof. Dr. Ir. Happy Ratna Santosa

Your convenor

Prof. Dr. Ir. Happy Ratna Santosa

  • Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)
  • Indonesia


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