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Message from the CIB President
This is a special newsletter ahead of our Board meetings, Commission Co-ordinator sessions and General Assembly next week, which for the time in our 67-year history will be held as online sessions.
Issue 5, 2020
Message from the CIB President
I hope this finds all CIB members, your families and colleagues healthy, and looking after each other during this period of the COVID-19 challenge.
Issue 4, 2020

Of each organisation that is a Member of CIB, information is provided amongst other on who is the appointed Designated CIB Contact in the organsiation, the organsiation's website and its main activities.

Information on the CIB Members can be accessed via: 
  • Go to database:  via a search page that allows to search amongst all CIB Members using a member's:
           -   region and country
           -   (type of) membership: Full, Associate or Individual
           -   type of organisation: with a background in research, universities,
               industry or other
           -   name (of the organisation or individual member)
           -   field of activities in which in organisational member is engaged.