Encouraged Journals

The CIB guidelines for CIB Encouraged and CIB Recognised Journals here describe in detail the criteria that must be met by such journals.

A CIB Encouraged Journal must demonstrate high quality and relevance to the work of CIB Commissions and the CIB membership, maintained over several years. For exceptional reasons a new journal may be Encouraged, but only for a limited time during which it must prove itself worthy of retaining that status.

All Encouraged Journals are reviewed at three-yearly intervals to ensure that their original quality and relevance have been maintained, and that they continue to comply with all the criteria specified in the CIB guidelines.

A journal that has maintained extraordinary high quality and relevance for a period of more than 9 years, and has complied with the guideline criteria, will earn the title of CIB Recognised Journal.

As per September 2019 the CIB Recognised or Encouraged Journals are as follows:

CIB Recognised Journals:
CIB Encouraged Journals